About KB Law

Kania Buttigieg was founded by Anita K. Kania, Esq. and Paul C. Buttigieg, two creative and results-oriented lawyers back in January of 2007. Their shared vision was to provide family law legal services in a focused, efficient and compassionate manner, tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Anita is in her 25th year of practice, and Paul is in his 17th year of practice.

In 2009, Robert A. Fernandes joined the firm, and has remained a valuable member of Kania Buttigieg since that date. Robert specializes in all aspects of family law. Robert is in his 13th year of practice.

Since our doors opened in the heart of downtown Brampton, we have grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of our diverse and vibrant community. We have represented and guided clients throughout all stages of the separation and divorce process, taking the time and care to get to know each one of our clients on a personal level. Simply put, we care and understand how overwhelming and emotionally draining divorce and separation can be. From our very first client meeting, we will develop a unique road map designed to quickly and efficiently get our clients to their final destination: settlement. Most critically, our strategy will always seek to protect the things that matter most to our clients.

If settlement is not achievable, the lawyers of Kania Buttigieg will fight diligently and vigilantly for your rights.

Our Firm

The lawyers of Kania Buttigieg are equipped to handle all aspects of your family law matter, including, but not limited to:

  • Negotiated Agreements (Prenuptial/Cohabitation/Marriage Contracts; Custody/Access Agreements; Separation Agreements and Support Agreements);
  • Changes to Agreements or Court Orders;
  • All aspects of mediation, arbitration and collaborative law;
  • Court proceedings, including, but not limited to: Preparation of Court materials; attendances at Court (including Conferences, Motions and Trials);
  • All aspects of mediation, arbitration and collaborative law;
  • Emergency matters;
  • Custody/Access disputes;
  • Common law relationships;
  • Division of property;
  • Divorce and annulments;
  • Adoption;
  • Child welfare/CAS matters;
  • Child support/spousal support;
  • Suspension of Drivers’ License and Family Responsibility Office matters;
  • Restraining Orders/police enforcement;
  • Contempt matters; and
  • Child abduction and Hague matters.